Dr. Thaksen J. Parvat

Principal - ME (CSE), MBA (Mktg.), Ph D (CSE))

Engineers convert basic sciences into useful products and facilities. It wouldn’t be incorrect to quote that engineering is an act of planning and designing something that contributes to society by using and arranging science and technology. This conversion of basic sciences to technology is only possible by engineering.

Newspapers and other media rarely use the word “engineering” in such context. The words “science and technology” are more easily understood and people have the impression that science and technology are directly applied to society. But it is engineering that is directly applied to society.

The outstanding characteristic of engineering is that it solves existing social problems and is useful to society.

Dr. D.Y.Patil College of Engineering & Innovation is determined to create engineers those will make an impact in providing innovative technological solutions to the problems of society on local and global levels.

To make Indian Industry productive and competitive, we are all set to enhance our capabilities on many fronts, primarily human skill, hardware technology, and knowledge base. Our institute has already taken the initiative in becoming a pioneer to create all the desired skills to get ready for leading the technological future.

I humbly invite all the industrial leadership to join hands in creating a vast pool of skilled, innovative and technical engineers and fulfill Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam’s vision of making India a developed nation by 2020.