About Department

Applied Sciences is a bridge that connects pure science with engineering practices. It aims to provide a strong foundation for engineering students. The Department of Applied Sciences is one of the integral parts of the institute. The department offers multi-disciplinary courses in Chemistry, Advanced Engineering Materials, Energy Materials, Professional Communication, Professional Ethics, Psychology, Environmental Science, Constitution of India, Intellectual Property Rights, Entrepreneurship Development, Critical Thinking, Liberal Learning Course, etc. The Department has well equipped laboratories- Chemistry Laboratory, Language Laboratory, and Environmental Science Research Laboratory. These laboratories enable faculty and students to employ fundamental principles, create innovative solutions which are then handed off to engineering disciplines to be refined, enhanced and used to address important problems.

our Vision

To build a strong foundation for budding engineers by offering them basic engineering courses and academic counselling and helping them identify opportunities to increase individual and social outputs through resource rich and innovative learning.

our Mission

The stated vision can be achieved through:
1. Imparting academic excellence through quality first-year engineering courses that undergo continuous assessment and revision.
2. Mentoring first-year engineering students and assisting them in Project Based Learning through Value Addition Programme.
3. Developing a sense of group behaviour and cooperative problem solving among students through Self Learning Session activities.
4. Enriching physical strength and stamina of students and imparting them with team building capabilities and also competitive culture through Weekly Sports Activities